Your Home. The Right Way. With Confidence. That's the Gerlach Difference.


“We have known David Gerlach for over 30 years and we used his construction company for two major remodel projects and several smaller home repair projects.

‘Do you want the project done or do you want the project done right?’ best defines why we chose to use David for our construction work. His honesty, integrity and craftsmanship are above reproach”

– Kathy and Lowell
Arlington, WA

“When I purchased the larger home in the Stanwood area, I was delighted to hire Dave as the contractor for the remodel. I felt he truly listened in a cooperative, patient manner. Details make the difference in a house and that is Dave’s forte! The remodels were a success because of Dave’s honesty and integrity. The whole process was very hands-on with no surprises. The subcontractors were handled expertly and knowledgeably.

Amazingly, the house remained clean during the process. Major plus! We had two phases: upstairs and carriage house, and downstairs kitchen. We were able to remain in the house and actually be comfortable through both times. This is now a remarkable home that reflects our style.”

– Susan
Kayak Point, WA

I am pleased to recommend Gerlach Construction to anybody who seeks a contractor who offers excellent work, integrity, and attention to detail. Dave Gerlach came highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed.

Not only did Dave accommodate us living on site, but he worked very well with the other owners in the building as they, too, were naturally impacted by noise, issues of access, and to a minor degree, the dust and dirt.

Dave works with his nephew and son-a real family operation. And, true to his references, which I checked out completely, each night the job site was picked up, swept and all tools put away. When asked about this and he said the job just gets going faster in the morning if everybody walks into a cleaned up site.

After the job he was right on any problems that came up and birddogging the subs to come and fix things, i.e., a faulty thermostat and carpet issue.

Finally, let me say, I have built two architect designed houses and done 3 remodelsDave is the best contractor I have ever worked with.

– Christina Rockrise
Seattle, WA

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the amazing transformation you, Evan and Garrett performed on our home. When our house was built 20 years ago, it was not of superior quality. your ingenuity and careful detailed work changed our home from an ordinary builder’s hose to a showplace. We were so very impressed with your attention to detail, such as matching the grain on the wood You also introduced us to excellent subcontractors and a wonderful designer, which added such class to the final result.

We would like to express gratitude for all you did for us. The multiple flaws in the original construction mad your job difficult at times, but you were always gracious and honest about the suggested ideas. We will happy in our beautiful home for years to come.

– Dean and Susan
Kenmore, WA

Before hiring Gerlach Construction, my wife and I had previously worked with four contractors on different occasions.  Two gave us constant problems because of their shoddy work.  The other two were dependable and did excellent work.

Last fall we had a list of projects we needed done on our house.  The list included a new roof, replacing a leaky internal gutter system with an external one, installing new insulation in the attic, replacing our canopied deck, replacing an old, broken down fence around the backyard, repairing several cracks in our chimney and having the outside of the house painted.  We began looking for contractors for each of the projects.  Since we had only batted .500 in our previous experiences with contractors, the prospect of finding a half-dozen trustworthy contractors became a big, time-consuming headache.  That’s when we decided to look for a general contractor to see if we couldn’t turn our headache over to him.

We called Gerlach Construction on a friend’s recommendation.  What a great recommendation that turned out to be.  Dave impressed us from our first meeting.  He was sensitive to our budget and helped us make decisions that kept us within budget.  Dave provided a very thorough bid and was always willing to answer any follow up questions we had.  He made us feel very comfortable about signing a contract with his company, and we didn’t need to find all of those contractors ourselves!

The subcontractors Dave brought in did excellent work.  Just to make sure things were going well, he came by daily to check on their progress and to verify the quality of the work. With Gerlach Construction’s one-year guarantee, we know we’ll be taken care of should any problems arise in the future.

Among his other qualities, being on time is a characteristic of the way Dave does business.  We wasted no mornings waiting for someone to show up.  He was also great about keeping us posted on when the next project would begin and making sure we were happy with the work being done.  His attention to detail was impressive as was his responsiveness if we had a question or concern.  Dave was always available for a phone call and provided excellent communication, which was critical for us.

Dave was a pleasure to work with.  Every subcontractor that he brought in did great work.  We highly recommend Gerlach Construction to anyone who is looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable contractor.  We will certainly use Gerlach Construction for future projects on our house.

– Harry Matrone
Edmonds, WA